Wednesday, 7 October 2009


It's funny what being on maternity leave does to the mind, well MY mind anyway. I've spent 4 months only reading Heat magazine because I'm too tired to concentrate on a decent book. My conversations with others revolve around sproglet's sleep patterns and chicken korma-style poo. In consequence I am now unable to pay attention to serious news items or make it through more than a few pages of a broadsheet newspaper without wondering where the latest gossip about Jordan and Peter is.

This happened last time after Duracell Toddler was born. After only 6 months off work, I was initially unable to remember simple things. This included the doses of the medications I use most often with my patients and meant I was forced to keep my BNF attached to me at all times. Not good. Also embarrassing when consultant boss phones you up to ask your experience with a treatment and you can't really remember what he's on about.

Worst thing is I'm now getting muddled too. Wittered on for ages today about the crapness of Max Factor coffee and wondering why my Opodo online shopping order hadn't arrived. Can't remember to remember the shopping list/bags when go to supermarket and have lost the diary. Honestly, the less my mind is working on 'higher' things, the less it works overall.

Maybe I should do the brain training programme on the BBC website or eat more fish oils or just hope that soon I will get more sleep. Anyway, must go - I'm ravishing.


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